cadillac ranch

the postmark on the reverse dates this postcard at 1994, meaning it originates from before the site moved two miles west in 1997. in contrast to many current images of cadillac ranch in which the cars have been repeatedly repainted and covered in graffiti, the simplicity of this image is particularly striking.

with the bright text and frame of the postcard in contrast to the desolate background and the banged up cars, there’s something unmistakably eerie, almost post-apocalyptic sci-fi, about it.

located on route 66, the heavy tourist traffic going through cadillac ranch over the years i think makes the postcard a fitting representation of the site through its combination of the iconic image with the potential for the telling of travellers’ tales on the reverse.

3 thoughts on “cadillac ranch

  1. Waiting for my son to live out his fantesy and place a fully painted car on this spot well that is if he hasn’t changed his dream to do so lol

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