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 I’m currently studying a BA in English Literature, working in marketing, and blogging about anything and everything, but mostly arts and literature.

I’d love to get in touch: you can email me via al.horne@live.com

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  1. Thanks so much for tweeting the Economics of Art article. As a professional artist for the last 20 years it made a lot of sense! Thanks again, I really like your blog.

  2. Hi Alice, thanks for introducing yourself by following our blog. I love the concept of florilegia, it reminds me of marginalia, (writing in margins of books) which was also a common thing to do.(Apparently Voltaire was famous for annotating his books.) If you’re a facebook user we’d love for you to visit (and hopefully like) or page. See you there!

    • That’s a very interesting thought, I think the study of marginalia is becoming a topic of scholarly interest these days, so would definitely be something to read up on! – As well as humorous comments pencilled into library books (particularly difficult theory books!) of course. Thanks for having a look on my blog too, I look forward to reading more of yours!

  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, liking my photos, and following my blog! I appreciate it very much. I’ve enjoyed my visit here and I look forward to following your posts! :-D

  4. Whilst I’ve had a website for sometime, I’m new to the WordPress blog format, and wanted to compliment you on the economical way you manage to address/introduce complex themes. I am drafting some posts about painting process and am starting to create tomes! It made me appreciate how well you manage to write in, what is undoubtedly a unique format. As I sit here cutting, pasting & re-writing, I thought of your blog and wanted to recognise and compliment you on such a great job you do on your blog! Again, many thanks.

    • Wow, that is an unbelievable comment and I’m truly touched! My tendency to brevity mostly stems from my belief that a lot of people don’t have the time, or just plain can’t be bothered, to read a huge article about something they aren’t quite sure they’re interested in, by a very under-qualified, amateur blogger! But thank you very much, that really is so encouraging. I am looking forward to reading the finished product of your labours!

  5. My pleasure – It was apparent to me, very soon after I started to read your posts, that the pieces were poignant yet relevant to all, essential yet eloquent. It’s that eloquence that makes us read on regardless of our personal interest. In any artform, these are generally the hallmarks of really good stuff!! So for me an artist, it’s a really lovely way to start the day. Thank you for your vote of confidence in me too. Most of my paintings are now well documented, so rather than simply posting lots of pics of beautiful things, I would like to underpin these pics with a bit more depth/nourishment, if you know what I mean. Again, my sincere thanks!

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