crash + burn

“i crash + i burn maybe someday i’ll learn i am only human on the inside”

I saw this written on the wall of a disused shop in Margate so it kind of resonates with the sense of disillusion and personal struggle of the recession. What I really like though is that someone wrote it to be read, to make you feel something, to express some shared sense of humanity. And when it feels like everyone’s out for themselves, for a moment, you’re kind of connected with someone you don’t know and will probably never meet. 

But that’s what’s really great about Margate. since the opening of the Turner Contemporary gallery in April last year, the town has been totally regenerated, drawing in crowds of people interested in art and culture. The fact that people are still willing to spend time and money on art during a time of economic difficulty just goes to show how deeply that human need for expression goes. We all crash and burn, and in many ways that makes us human, but so does the fact that we get back up and that despite it all, or even because of it, we still have that instinct to express and share with each other.

And that’s not something you get every day when you’re just walking down the high street.

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