tate work of the week

jeff wall – ‘a sudden gust of wind (after hokusai)

i stumbled across this image on the tate website today and i couldn’t resist sharing it. i don’t know a lot about art, but i do appreciate beauty.

what i really found interesting after reading a bit about it is that ‘a sudden gust of wind (after hokusai)’ isn’t a photograph but is actually made up of collages of lots of smaller photos. to me this complicates our view of photography in a way; it seems to capture that one split second, and that’s how we often use photography, but the collage element emphasises that it’s the smaller details that work to create a larger picture of beauty that can seem so simple.

for more, visit the tate website.

Jeff Wall, ‘A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai)’ 1993

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